DAS Capital is a Los Angeles-based registered investment advisor managing private investment funds exclusively for qualified investors. DAS specializes in quantitative trading, which focuses on the statistical arbitrage opportunities in global equity, currency, and resource markets. Capitalizing on market inefficiencies, DAS Capital combines state-of-art technological infrastructure and proprietary analysis methods with extraordinary quantitative skills to minimize risk, while achieving high quality returns that consistently outperform the market.


DAS Capital’s mission is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns that minimize volatility by maximizing gains throughout a broad range of market environments. Our fundamentally robust investment strategy is easily scalable and has been a consistent source of Alpha for our clients, as we consistently achieve outstanding risk-adjusted performance through superior skill in security selection, capital allocation, and risk management.


The DAS Capital team is led by Founder and Chief Investment Officer, David Subotic. With almost two decades of trading experience, Mr. Subotic has earned a reputation for consistently being ahead of trends. Prior to founding DAS Capital, Mr. Subotic was Founder and CEO of Asian Coast Development. In this role he secured more than $250 million in investment for a beachfront real estate and hospitality development in South East Asia. Mr. Subotic also recently provided seed capital for Go Greek Yogurt, one of California’s most exciting and successful health-oriented quick service restuarant brands. Previously, Mr. Subotic worked with leading North American investment banks Yorkton Securities (since purchased by Macquarie Capital Markets Ltd.) and Haywood Securities.


Los Angeles
450 North Bedford Drive, Suite 312
Beverly Hills, California, 90210